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Praise for June Whyte’s mysteries from some of her Amazon.com readers.


Sex on Tuesdays:

An Older PI and an Awesome Ex-Copper’

’I really liked Dani. And her mom, Gwen. And her new love interest, Simon. They make old people look like, well, old farts! As much as Dani had some issues with turning fifty, and what aging does to your body, she was a whole lot of laughs. And still seemed pretty naive about sex. I mean, she couldn’t even answer her sex column without the help of an ex-prostitute. What was she doing writing a sex column anyway? Joe really didn’t do the right thing by hiring her on. He needed to grow some balls and tell his wife Penny (Dani’s sister) that Dani wasn’t the right old maid for the task.

June Whyte needs to write more mysteries because she injects a lot of fun, some tantalizing sex and credible characters into her novels. I’d really like to see this one turned into a series and even her greyhound trainer mystery would make for a good series, too. I also like how June puts dogs in her stories. Every good mystery should have at least one pet in it. The furrier the better!’



Chasing Can Be Murder:

A Greyt Read

‘I will tell you flat out, I bought this book because it has Racing Greyhounds in it…not to mention it is set in Australia- and I LOVE all things Australian!
The story was interesting from the get go- the characters seem like folks I would love to hang out with and I was rooting for our Heroine.
She is a Racing Greyhound Trainer which was very interesting. The added fact that she is active Greyhound Adoption was a lovely bonus.
The bad person was very bad, there were some scary and sad things happening. The fact that I am a Graduate of The Dick Francis School of Mystery Reading gave a leg up on figuring out who was naughty, but it had some nice difficulty to it.
Dog Lovers and Greyhound Folks will enjoy the story.
I DID fall in love with “The Bodyguard” and hope to see him in future adventures!
So, for a fun, entertaining story, please check Ms. Whyte’s Tails (er, Tales) out!’




50 Shades of Fun!’ 

‘Kat McKinley is a the kind of heroine that stumbles into one crazy, hair-raising situation after another (“Why does this sort of thing happen to me?”). She’ll have you engrossed from the moment you meet her in a “ten-plus liplock” with Ben Taylor to the end where… well, I can’t spoil it by telling you how it all plays out, can I? Let’s just say we go full circle and you’ll close the book with a smile on your lips, looking forward to the next roller-coaster adventure.

The books remind me a bit of Dick Francis’s settings, except instead of getting a fascinating insight into the world of horse racing, it’s greyhounds. In fact, I’d have to say that this is one of the things I like best – the action of the story is woven so cleverly into the background of training and racing greyhounds. I loved the way Kat is so protective and loving towards her canine friends. I knew nothing of horses before I started reading Dick Francis, and I knew even less about greyhounds… but now I feel as though I could almost join in a conversation! (Not to mention find my way around a greyhound track.)

Read this book and laugh while you follow Kat’s zig-zagging path to finding out what happened to her hippie sister; why people would want to steal greyhounds destined for a life with families rather than the racetrack, and whether Ugly Lofty, her star performer, will be safe. And… who IS the man in the ugly purple pants?’



Murder at Kangaroo Creek: 

Fast moving, just like the Cup winner’

  ‘Murder at Kangaroo Downs is a easy, light read set in a country town. There’s never a dull moment, and at times, it’s hysterically funny. The two vets, Emily and Maggie (nice to see some females in the starring roles) get into all sorts of trouble when they stumble across a dead body. And for the vets, it’s all downhill from there as they turn super-sleuths in an attempt to solve the mystery.